Midwest to East Coast and back again!


We have added a new Service to our portfolio!

Due to the fact that so many of my clients on the East Coast need to look further west to procure new genetics and bloodlines, plus the fact that so many are able to source or sell stock to other states but struggle to make the connections to move the animals, I am now offering animal hauling and transport services. I frequently travel between Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

If your in the process of purchasing or selling livestock to any of these states do not hesitate to touch base with me about discussing the option of transportation. Since I am already making the trip, I can keep costs low and can be flexible on travel itineraries. I also prefer to only haul less then 5 animals at a time and prefer to not haul for multiple farms at the same time to limit animal exposure in transit.

Most animal transport services charge a per mile cost. Since I like to keep things simple I charge a flat fee per head and I take into consideration how far out of the way I need to travel to make connections and the number of animals I am hauling. But my usual pricing is $100 per head.

If you are interested in this service feel free to shoot me a message and let me know what you’re thinking. Im happy to travel outside of my "normal" travel routine as well so if you have animals going to New England or south to the Carolina's I am happy to consider those trips as well. If I cant make the connection I can try to help find someone who can.

 I have been getting numerous calls from individuals inquiring about hauling animals to or from Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Florida and California.